7 Things You Won’t Believe About Lucky Symbols

Superstition or just plain luck? Human beings like to cling to the idea that certain objects can bring them luck in love, careers, money and other areas of their life. But can they really? Is there such thing as luck or is it all just fate, things just happening, coincidences? Well, if you need more time to think, let us try and sway you- here is seven things you won’t believe about lucky symbols!

1) Rabbit’s Feet

Rabbit’s feet have been considered good luck charms for as long as anyone can remember, and are often worn around the neck like a stylish pendant. However, it turns out there isn’t so much good luck associated with the rabbits foot as there is bad luck. Legend says, if you want a rabbit’s foot to be lucky, you must coat it in everything unlucky – one example of this is the rabbit whose foot you intend on taking must be killed on the grave of an evil soul on Friday the 13th.

2) Lucky sevens

The number seven is considered lucky, but whilst superstition and gambling are not particularly religious at all, it turns out that the reason the number seven is so lucky is pretty much down to the Christian faith and the bible. God made the Earth in seven days, creating a seven day week. There are seven deadly sins. Seven colours in the rainbow, a sign of peace and beauty from the Lord. You might not consider yourself religious, but the luck the number seven can bring you may be down to just that.

3) Unlucky sevens

Having spoken about lucky sevens and just how many people treasure this number, it turns out that actually, it’s pretty unlucky for almost as many people as it is lucky! In China, the number seven is linked strongly to death, so much so hospital buildings will try to avoid having a seventh floor! If your break a mirror you get seven years bad luck. It varies from culture to culture, but it’s safe to say that the luck surrounding the number seven may not be all good…

4) Horseshoes

Again, you may not be religious but you might just have religion to thank for the good luck surrounding the horseshoe. There are numerous stories that relate to why the horseshoe is considered to be good luck. One focuses on a blacksmith getting the better of the devil himself and people using horseshoes to keep him at bay. Another deems that horseshoes are lucky by association – they were made by blacksmiths and blacksmiths had the power to mould iron, one of the strongest metals made by God himself. This meant there had to be some magic transferred to the shoe…and so people used them as lucky charms, to believe God was watching over them.

5) Lucky clovers

It’s more Bible stories again! Religion really plays a giant role in luck, and the Bible states that when Eve left the Garden for good, she took a four leaf clover with her. This meant that whenever you were fortunate enough to find a rare four leaf clover, you were indeed finding a little piece of God’s original paradise- how lucky would that be hey? Tie into that that they are incredibly rare and you’ve got one of the most powerful good luck charms of all time.

6) Swastika

When we think Swastika we think WWII, Germany, Nazi’s and Hitler. None of these are particularly positive or lucky, However, the Swastika was around long before any of that and is actually a good luck symbol that Hitler adopted for himself- can you believe it? The Swastika is a good luck symbol in China, Europe, Japan, Nepal, India, Iran and many more places all over the world. It is said to bring people love, light, luck and life. Crazy, right?

7) Eggs

Not many good luck symbols are edible- how can they bring luck to you once they’ve been digested and passed right through you? Well, somehow eggs are incredibly lucky. Because they allow life to grow inside of them, they symbolise good luck in growth and fertility and can be used to protect babies and children from any bad luck. White eggs will bring an individual lots of good luck, but a brown egg will also bring an individual happiness on top of that too. Tasty.