7 Things You Wouldn’t Believe About The Lottery

Most of us dream about winning the lottery; what we would buy, where we would go, who we would help out – but do we really know everything about the lucky numbers game that could make us rich beyond our wildest dreams?!


How to claim

You might be interested to know how you can claim your millions! The most important thing to do is to sign the back of your ticket to prove it’s yours. Despite what you might think, the money doesn’t just get delivered on the spot by a giant cheque or sack of money. If your win is over £50,000 there is a line to call; however, a win of £50,000 to £1 million requires a trip to one of the five regional centers. Any six-figure wins require the lottery to show up at your house to confirm your winnings.


It doesn’t stop there

You don’t just get your winnings and carry on. The lottery will try and put you into contact with other local winners and even organize parties and events for them to rub shoulders with other lucky lotto winners!


It could all disappear so quickly

An incredible 44% of jackpot winners spend their entire winnings within just five years from their lucky date. Some call this the Mike Tyson effect, where winners feel as though there is no bottom to their winnings and so just keep spending and spending until it has all gone!


Don’t give up the day job

Surprisingly, 48% of winners kept the job that they had when they won, and 15% start new jobs (perhaps because they know they can follow their dreams and be financially secure) whereas a massive 45% start their own business! These tend to be the people who don’t fall into the five years loss!


Sing while you’re winning!

You might think that people would stop playing once they’ve won but a surprising number of them carry on. One man, David Wilkes won the lottery twice with the same numbers!


Going under the knife

Only 1% of lottery winners go for plastic surgery, although you may think it would be much more!


Eating the winnings

32% of lottery winners end up putting on weight. Perhaps it is if they quit their job, or no longer need to walk places. It may also be the fact that they can afford to buy whatever food they wish – and who would choose salad when you could have lobster?!