7 Things You Won’t Believe About Casinos

When you step into a casino you enter into another world; one where time stands still, where you feel unbeatable and where anything could happen. It’s this thrill that draws millions through the doors of gambling establishments across the world, and which fascinates the imagination. But stop imagining just for a minute as we give you some rock hard facts that will make your mind boggle and make sure you never see casinos the same way again.

Casanova Seduced Us All

The word ‘casino’ actually comes from the Italian word for ‘little house’ or ‘summerhouse’ and Casanova was the first to open one and call it so, as a venue for his pleasures. That was in Venice in 1638, and the venue was also used to host town functions and parties. It doesn’t surprise us that everyone’s favourite lothario is responsible for giving us the name of one of life’s greatest pleasure palaces, but now it’s more about taking the game seriously than seducing the entire town.

All Monacans Have To Stay Away From Their Casinos

In Monaco, one of the original gambling cities in the world, developed by François Blanc in the south of France, the residents aren’t allowed to gamble. We can only assume that this is a move by the sovereign city-state to protect the wealth of their exclusive inhabitants. Only foreign visitors are allowed to play in the casinos of Monte Carlo, so there is no chance of the wealthy residents losing any money on the slots or at the tables However, they have no problem letting everyone else in to gamble away their life savings.

No Time Like No Time

Las Vegas casinos make sure they have no clocks about the place so that patrons can escape into a world free of time constraints, where the only way you measure the minutes going by is by the amount of money won. For similar reasons there are also no windows, so that players are unaware if it’s night, day, or if there’s a storm raging outside. In this way the casino provides a safe haven away from the unpredictability of the outside world and make sure you spend maximum time and money in there.

An Edible Jackpot To Get Around The Law

There are no legal casinos in Japan as the practice is not tolerated, but it’s estimated that the revenue from pachinko machines (very similar to video slot machines) outstrips that of the worldwide casino revenue. Places in which you find the machines get around the law by taking advantage of a convenient loophole: though gambling for money is illegal, if prizes are given in the form of food or drink, or are redeemed for money against tokens far off the premises, then there is no conflict with the laws of the land, and everybody’s happy.

High Rollers Get An Invite

When it comes to customers who plan on arriving at a casino with their pockets bulging, and don’t blink an eyelid if they leave £1,000,000 down, it’s up to the casino to decide whether or not to take the risk of letting you in, and if they decide to go ahead, they treat you like royalty to ensure they continue to get custom from such a big spender. Wealthy patrons will often be treated to free rooms, food, and even a private jet to get them to Vegas. On the flip side, such a rich punter can also clean out the casino when they’re betting such high stakes, and so the casino has to choose very wisely.

The Ultimate Casino Snack Is… A Sandwich

It may not be the most glamorous of dishes to be associated with casinos, but the sandwich is very closely linked to the glitz and glam of the craps table. In fact, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, supposedly invented the snack so that he could continue to eat without pausing from his gambling, as the bread encasing his favourite cooked meats would prevent his hands from getting dirty and he could easily pick it up with one hand whilst the other hand could hold his cards.

Casinos Aren’t Just For Vegas

Egypt was once a gambling haven, dating back to ancient times, but it is thought that the authorities at the time were fighting against the gamblers to try and stop the practice and shut down the casinos. Even up until the early 21st century, there were 20 casinos in Cairo alone, which is more than there are in Paris today.